Harwood Motors Special Event 1-29-17

We stopped by to attend a special event today at Harwood Motors. We were invited by Matt and Melanie Harwood. Matt and Melanie along with Michael Johnson are always very hard at work preparing Classic cars for sale. We were able to view many Beautiful cars as you can see in the photos below. We also participated in an oil demonstration that explained many aspects of oil and proper oil usage for Classic cars presented by Ken Tyger of D-A Lubricant Company.

Matt and Melanie officially incorporated Harwood Motors in 2014 as a way to put their passion for the hardware and the hobby to work, offering enthusiasts an effortless way to buy and sell collector vehicles. It’s important to note that while the name “Harwood Motors” is new, the people behind it have years of experience buying, selling, and collecting vintage automobiles. It’s also a family business with close ties to the hobby itself (Matt and Melanie are on the management boards of several car clubs) and they like to think of themselves as matchmakers rather than a mere car dealership. There’s a right car for you out there, and they can help you find it, even if you don’t particularly know where to start. What Harwood Motors does isn’t new, but the way we do it will make you a client for life, whether you’re a buyer or a seller. Call us any time to talk cars, trucks, or even just about the hobby in general; you’ll be surprised to find you already have a friend.

Harwood Motors is Located at:

9100 Valley View Road

Macedonia, Ohio, 44056

Photos By Daryl Pace