Ray Kearns Restaurant Razed

Today was the last day for the World Famous Ray Kearns Restaurant. It was built in 1959 at 307 E. Highland Road in Macedonia. You may know it as the Pacific Buffet. The building was considered an innovative engineering marvel of construction of its time due to the fact that the Dome had no center supports. Ray Kearns was an upscale restaurant that was expensive then. Most of us Nordonians will remember it as the Mark V. It was still an upscale restaurant but was not out of reach for the local clientele. Many of us took our dates there when we wanted to impress. There was a Band playing on most weekend nights. It was a very nice place that holds many fond Memories for us. Later it was many different types of restaurant and the building was never taken care of properly leading to it’s demise. Many rumors have surrounded the various operations that were in the building which did not help either. It is sad to see it go as we will always remember the Fun Times that we had there. Mother Nature did not create a sunroof as speculated. The Macedonia Fire Department (all units) used the building for practice. They practiced many types of Fire Rescue as well as entry. We are proud that our Fire Chief Tim Black not only was on hand to instruct but is a very Hands on Leader. It is nice to see our young Fire Fighters learning in a good setting from Great Leaders. Click on any photo below for Album.